Served at Immanuel 2004 - 2010

Reverend Andreas Stein

Rev. Andreas Stein began his ministry at Immanuel Lutheran in May of 2004. He was raised in Hannover, Germany, and studied theology at the Theological Seminary of the Conference of Evangelical Free Churches and the Lutheran University of Hamburg.  In September of 1997 he moved to Sioux Falls, SD, where he completed his theological education at Sioux Falls Seminary and graduated with a Masters degree in Divinity.

“My approach to ministry is based upon my own personal experience of how God reached out to me and literally turned my life upside down” says Rev. Stein.  The foundations of this ministry are the message of encouragement and hope that is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “I believe that as individual believers and the church of Christ we have been called to be a light in this world of darkness. We are called to reach out to everyone, because Christ has died for everyone”.

Rev. Stein has also completed extensive class work in the Ph.D. program in Counseling and Psychology in Education at the University of South Dakota. He has a special commitment to working with families through hope-oriented and Christ-based counseling. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a marriage or a family that was at the verge of the abyss recover and grow again”.

Rev. Stein has been married to his wife Daniela since August of 1993. His wife is currently working as a psychiatric social worker in Yankton, SD. Daniela grew up as the daughter of a preacher in communist Romania.  She and her family experienced extensive persecution as the result of being a believer in Christ in a hostile environment. Throughout all struggles, she experienced how God protected and blessed her. She is a true example of faith.