Hat Party a Huge Success

Hats galore were worn Saturday, May 2, 2009 in Coleridge.  Over 200 people attended the Mother Daughter Hat Party sponsored by Immanuel Lutheran Church as one of the church’s 125th anniversary celebration events.  The noon salad luncheon consisted of food and laughter, music, poems and readings, and a devotion given by Pastor Andreas Stein from Romans 16 on mothers’ divine calling and using God-given talent to plant seeds of love.  Winnie Janssen of Randolph gave a program entitled “My Pattern for Living”.
There were hats everywhere – hats hanging on hall trees, hats on the tables, hats on display, hats on young girls, along with black and white sketches of a variety of hats hanging on the walls.  Many of the hats had a story behind them and someone willing to share the tale.  Myrna Collins brought a bonnet that was over 125 years old.  Gloria Vogle had at least a dozen hats on display at the Hat Party.  Gloria wore one of her mother’s hats that her mother had even before Gloria and Norman were married and they have been married for 52 years.  A hat stand that has been in Gloria’s family for years was used to display an older hat that was covered with pheasant feathers. Carol Nordby had a hat worn by her mother-in-law on Carol’s wedding day 56 years ago. Gloria Graham was wearing a cheerful looking blue hat with blue flowers that she had purchased several years ago.  “It’s my “cancer” hat,” Gloria said. “I bought it to wear when I lost all of my hair from chemo treatments.”  Other hats were worn to express a love of gardening, sports and Red Hat Society.  Mildred Janssen and Eda Jones, both ninety-eight years of age, looked young in their fancy hats.  Men from the church assisted with the event by helping with set-up and serving.
The Hat Party was organized by Bev Brodersen, Myrna Collins, Jacky Domina, Diane Frerichs, Marilyn Hansen and Betty Heitman.
(Thanks to Deanna Anderson and the Coleridge Blade for providing information for this article)